30 Jun 2014

Early Summer, Ubud

You are so used to takeaway meals, like pizza or McDonalds,
and sometimes you wish you could takeaway your whole home as well,
ordering a 'home' through a phone call and install it to your living room,
to ease your lonely days, to radiate a familiar warmth at night, to add some footsteps and giggles echoing on your walls, or simply just to make your life a bit more contented. 
I can't say my life is great either, it is more to a repetitive thing with slight hints of sadness, however, I often takeaway my homes, I turn them into the size of a cigarette box and stuff them in my pocket, so I could carry them everywhere and I would never again feel lonely.
Of course I lied. 
I see home as a feeling, not a place or the people.
Feelings, as strange as they always are, is everywhere.

Ubud, Bali
June 2014

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